I have been a graphic designer since 1996 and a web designer and developer since 2002.  My passion for design and editing first developed while receiving my BA in Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC Chapel Hill.  I began my career in the print graphic design field with projects ranging from designing brochures to producing page layouts for newspapers and magazines.  As the internet began to thrive, so did my interest in designing and developing web pages.  My career took a more technical turn in 2002 and I began hand-coding websites while learning the intricacies of programming software and languages.  Since then, I have managed numerous projects as both a freelancer and an employee which have ranged from designing and redesigning websites, backend programming of electronic prototypes, and implementing social media content. 

In addition to designing, I also enjoy the work I do as a copy editor/proofreader.  I have always been keen on finding the typos in printed and online materials. I now do it professionally as I meticulously proofread presentations, documents, and online content.

My design philosophy is clean, simple, and user-friendly, yet sophisticated and eye-catching.  My editing skills are sharp and accurate.  I am a quick, but careful designer/editor who prefers to work closely with others to ensure that needs are met precisely and effectively.

My professional resume can be viewed here.

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